Clutter Free Living

Clutter is distracting. Have you ever walked into a room where every available surface is covered with “things”? The eye has no place to rest and the effect is overwhelming. Download the Bible Study (PDF) Advertisements

The Source of Our Peace

Peace. So many desire it yet live without it. Instead, their lives are filled with turmoil, fear, and confusion. Do they long for something unattainable? Not at all. We can live peaceful lives in a turbulent world, but first we must understand how to find the peace so many long for. Dowload the Bible Study…

Developing a Calm Spirit

We live in an angry world. It seems that each week we read of another instance of this anger breaking loose and spilling onto an innocent bystander. We have even coined a phrase to describe the aggressive, often deadly, anger displayed on our highways—road rage. Read more from this Bible Study (PDF Download)

Dealing with Difficult People

Impossible people! Who hasn’t dealt with someone who makes our life miserable? Whether overbearing, rude, demanding—fill in the blank—they are taxing to be around. It may be a boss, a coworker, a fellow church member, or even someone within our family. They drain our emotions and leave us exhausted when dealing with them. When such…

Serving God with Passion

Whatever our passion, it will cost. It comes at the expense of time and effort. The price may include great personal sacrifice, misunderstanding of motives, or even the friendship of those who think us radical. Yet the greater the passion, the less these things matter. For the Christian, our greatest passion should be God. It…

I Need Advice

What we consider a “small” decision may actually change the course of our life. Rushing ahead without first seeking guidance through prayer and godly counsel can lead to disaster. There is wisdom in knowing when to respect the advice given, even when it may not seem important or logical. Read More from this Bible Study