Restoration in God’s Hands

wall_broken“See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me.” (Isaiah 49:16 – NKJV)

Living in God’s hands is an invitation to RESTORATION– He knows the reality of broken walls and struggles with faith and yet does not forsake you.

In Isaiah 49:16, God also says, “Your walls are continually before me.” In ancient times walls were often used as writing tablets to record the chronological details of someone’s life; to display a person’s life achievements; to indentify who they were and what they did. Your walls are the blueprints of your life. God is interested in every detail of your life. Not only are you etched upon the palms of His hands, but the wall of your life is before Him continually. The God who calls Himself “I Am” is present in your today and your tomorrow.

Even though the walls of Jerusalem were torn down, God said He sees them; He still envisions His plan for their restoration. God is saying to you today, “I see what is going on in your life. My plans are not destroyed. Your time will come!”

Prayer: When You look at me, You see me held in nail-scarred hands and You can’t help but remember the unconditional love that compelled You to the cross. Living in Your hands means You see me seated in heavenly places; an heir to Your throne; a new creature in Christ. In Your hands I am complete; I am cherished; and I am confident. Nothing can shake me. I am secure in Your hands!

Devotion by Julie Long


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