Evening Time

Aprl1And Jesus entered into Jerusalem, and into the temple: and when he had looked round about upon all things, and now the eventide was come, he went out unto Bethany with the twelve. ” Mark 11:11 

            Reading this scripture I pondered how Jesus must have felt as He stood there in the temple and looked at what was happening.  There was the brazen altar where the priests offered the sacrifices – just a symbol of His great sacrifice that was approaching.

He saw the laver where the priests washed their hands, symbolizing baptism.  In His mind, He looked beyond to the veil which barred the way into the Holiest of Holies.  No doubt He envisioned it being torn in two, allowing all men to enter into the very presence of God.

The day was over, it was evening, but also the day of sacrifices was coming to an end.  In just a few short hours, His death would change everything for all time.  These symbols would no longer be of any value.  His precious blood would atone for men’s sins as no slain lamb had ever been able to do.  His resurrection would bring life to all.

The symbols had served their purpose, but soon there would be no need for them.  The Lamb of God would become the supreme sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

Prayer:  Thank you Jesus that to came to earth and became our sacrifice, bore our sins on Calvary and made a way for us to enter into your presence.

Devotion by Anne Johnston


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