Root out the thistles

Anne Jan. 2016 3“And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up, and choked them.” Matthew 13:7

I can remember as a child working in the strawberry patch, hoeing around the new plants and pulling weeds.  The thistles were the hardest weeds to get rid of.  We could not just cut them off with the hoe, we had to get rid of the roots, or they would soon grow up again.  If left, they would soon crowd out the plants and there would not be a good crop the next year.

To try and pull a thistle from the ground with our bare hands was painful, so we wore work gloves and used pliers to get hold of the plant close to the soil and thus pull it up root and all.  The smaller ones were easy, but the larger the plant, the more work it entailed.

When the Lord reveals to us things in our life that are harmful to our spiritual growth, it is much easier to root them out when they are small.  As they grow bigger, they choke out our desire for spiritual things, and are much harder to get rid of.  Eventually, they will destroy our walk with God.

Prayer:  Lord, search my heart today.  Show me the little thistles that are beginning to grow and help me to get rid of them before the roots grow deep.  Fill me with a love for you and a desire to produce good fruit.  Amen

Devotion by Anne Johnston


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