Impressive Faith

righteousness“Jesus gave in, “Oh, women, your faith is something else. What you want is what you get! Right then her daughter became well.” (Matthew 15:28 in The Message Bible)

Reading in Matthew 15 about this persistent woman who came to Jesus begging for help got me thinking. Is my approach to God like hers? Does my faith impress God?


The Phoenicians were descended from the Canaanites. This woman was a Gentile, living under the Greek government, and probably speaking the Greek language. She knew who He was and believed He could help her daughter.  


She made her urgent request that her daughter was vexed with a devil.  At first He didn’t answer her a word. She fell and worshipped. He was impressed by her faith and began conversing with her. It was not a casual conversation but very pointed. He told her who she was and that it was not appropriate to give food to her. She came back quickly in humble submission and Jesus answered her request.


Could it be that I’m not asking for my needs with persistence?    


Prayer: My needs are pressing in on me and I’ve got to find the answers. I want to have impressive faith like this Phoenician woman. Like her, I don’t deserve anything, but You listen to my requests.  


Devotion by Kaye Singleton






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