Great Expectations: Safe from Harm

Paul shook off the snake into the fire. He was not hurt in any way. The people waited. They thought his hand would get large and he would fall over dead. After watching for a long time, they saw nothing happen to him. Then they changed their minds and said that Paul was a god. (Acts 28:5-6, Holy Bible, New Life Version).

Apostle Paul, a prisoner, was being transported to Italy for trial, late in the year after the best sailing time. The ship ran aground in a storm near the Island of Malta (Acts 28: 1). The vessel was lost, but all the men survived.

Paul gathered more wood for the fire. A snake bit Paul on the hand. He shook off the viper and continued manning the fire. The watchers waited for his hand swell, a sure sign of punishment for a traitor to the Jewish God. When the hand remained normal, the Islanders decided Paul must have been an untouchable god. The reality was that Apostle Paul’s faith in God kept him out of harm’s way.

Prayer: Lord, watch over me like Apostle Paul when life presents hidden dangers. Amen.

Devotion by Violet Carr Moore


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