Fear not… God’s will

image“And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.” Luke 1:30

The future looked bright and promising. Mary was excitedly planning for her marriage to Joseph, a good man who would take care of her and love her.

Then an angel appears and turns her life upside down. After informing her that she is highly favoured of God, he tells her the hard part. A pre-marriage pregnancy to explain to family and friends. Will they believe that she has kept her purity, that this is an act of God?

Sometimes the will of God is much different than the way we would have chosen. And yes, sometimes we will be misunderstood. But the rewards are so much greater than the sacrifice. Mary was privileged to be the mother of the Messiah! God is in control…so fear not!

Prayer: Lord, sometimes my flesh does not want to follow Your will. But You see the future, and You know the path I should take. I choose to trust You. I will not fear!

Devotion by Liane Grant


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