The One I Trust

But I am like a large olive tree in God’s house. I trust the mercy of God forever and ever. I will give thanks to you forever for what you have done. In the presence of your godly people, I will wait with hope in your good name. (Psalm 52:8-9, God’s Word Translation)

Do you remember playing the “trust” games growing up?  Someone would stand behind you and ask, “Do you trust me?”, and if you did you had to prove it by closing your eyes and falling backwards.  I was never good at these games. While I do consider myself both a trustworthy and trusting person, the idea of falling backwards with the potential risk of crashing to the ground did not seem like a great way to prove how much confidence I had in them.  If only life were as simple as an adult as it was back when we were kids falling into each others arms!

As a grown up, there is truly only one who we can trust with our lives.  Having confidence that the Lord knows what he is doing with us is the only way that we can live our lives to the fullest, without ever worrying about what is going to happen next.  There will be a mix of both exciting and upsetting things that come our way and if we do not put our trust in him, these situations can become way to much the handle. I am thankful for his faithfulness to us and his continuous love and mercy.

Prayer: Lord, we put our trust in you today.  Thank you for the plans that you have for us and leading us as we walk through our lives.  We are blessed to know that we are never ale. Amen.


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