Looking for Inspiration

I look up to the hills, but where does my help come from? (Psalm 121:1, Holy Bible, New Century Version)

    For several years, I’ve watched surrounding hills known locally as the Altamont, defy winter and glow with miles of fresh green groundcover. Absence of rain thwarted the transformation from summer browns to winter green. Inspiration whispers that the hills don’t complain about the defiance of seasons. They perform their protective sentinel duty year round, surrounded by green or brown.

Prayer: Lord, I miss the phenomenon of new life surrounding me this winter. Let me see Your glory no matter what season. Amen.

    Devotion by Violet Carr Moore
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2 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration”

  1. Altamont Pass Wind Farm ! I know it well. But your writing reminds me of the way God has shown me lately how His hand was never far from me.How His thoughts were of me. How prayers on my behalf were answered. He has been constant in His love for me.All though sadly mine wavered. His wing protected me when I did not deserve it. How grateful I am for that constant love of God. When seasons change He is the same. When we waiver He is the same! Now older and hopefully wiser. He is my truest friend.

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